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imediabuilders is the premiere site to find a vast collection of media files for all your multimedia needs.
Excellence begets excellence. Thereby goes our mission in life.

We have the best team doing what we do best, and this translates to great quality output every time, all the time. In order to achieve this, we hire the best creatives to form a team of excellent designers, developers, coders and testers.

To keep the team engaged, we have a very relaxed working environment, which is a must for all people working in the creative field. Doing so allows the designer to think more freely and conceptualize ideas more naturally.

The result is a great team with a sense of balance and direction. With a whole team moving in the same direction, any designer would feel valued in his work, and will tend to want to contribute all the more. This is what we call synergy in motion.

Meet the Dream Team

This is the "ALL STAR" team making imediabuilders awesome by nature


Project Director
Ben McHale loves ice fishing and ghost hunting on his free time. In the office, though, he is a true workaholic who knows how to chill whenever.


Art Director
Tina is the epitome of the awesome Art Director. She started working in the design world when she was just 17 and a freshman at college.


Growth Hacker
He may seem aloof on first impression, but once you get to know this guy, he turns out to be a really pretty cool dude.

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