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Making Flash Animation Free and Easy     [ CLICK FOR FREE PRODUCTS]
 What are
   Flare Products?

 Why use them?

 How easy are
    they - really?

 Which should
     I use?

 Where are the
   free Downloads?

 Who can I

        Use FlareWorks for comprehensive FLASH authoring using pre-defined
        Objects, Paths, Effects, Transitions and Actions to make custom animations.

        "Swiff-Lets" are easy-to-use FLASH tools for making Slide Shows, Ad Banners,
         or Text Effects. Publishes SWF, HTML, and Cool Page Objects.

        Publish HTML page or Cool Page Object for any Flash(SWF) file,
        including AudioAction music clips.

Copyright 2010
iMEDIA Builders, all rights reserved

 Copyright 2010
 iMEDIA Builders,  all rights reserved