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Hidden Potential 5 Areas That Can Boost Your Homes Real Estate Price

Spring is leaving and summer is on the way, so have you thought of a home project yet This summer indulge yourself in a home project. One you will never forget and will be proud to have taken up.

Lawn and Garden The lawn and garden area is the first welcome area for all your guests and visitors, hence it is very important. There are innumerable possibilities to the way in which you can liven up this area. But, there are some which standout and get more attention such as; decorative sculptures, fountains, fancy light posts, shed and not to forget fancy plants and shrubs. Some planning and decorating can turn your ordinary garden or lawn in to a beautiful hangout place for the family, and add a lot of value to the house price.

Home Exterior This is the area that forms the first impression. Even before stepping in to the garden one can make up his mind about what will the house look like from the inside, just by looking at the outside. It’s almost like judging a book by its cover, but it’s true. Of course, there are lots of things you can do to transform your house exteriors like have; gutter protection, knockers and bells, a fancy address plaque and a mailbox. You can be more creative and try other things too, but don’t overdo things, as it can spoil the plan.

Patio and Pool This is the relaxation and recreation area. This area should be simple and spacious, and not filled with unnecessary fancy stuff that eats a lot of space. A barbecue and grill can be placed somewhere in the corner, some light furniture, good lighting, shed for the pool’s tool and equipments, and a large umbrella to provide shade in the sitting area will do the right job.

Decor The inside decor of the house will further strengthen the mood you created outside. Having comfortable and appropriate furnishing for areas like living room, family room, dining room bedroom and kitchen is the key. Splash some fresh but sober colors to your walls. Try to finish the basement and attic area; this adds the most value to your house. Last but not the least, for the bathroom; give it a complete makeover if needed. A new bath tub and accessories will be great. Remember all of this will pay off.

Recreation and Entertaining After a tiring day at work all you want is some relaxation and peace at home. Sitting outside the house under a shelter, tent or a gazebo with a cup of coffee and enjoying the chirping of the birds will help you do just that. You can also have some outdoor dining, and to create more mood you can have a fire pit, which will be an icing on the cake.

A home is your personal space; hence you should be comfortable in every inch and corner of it. Careful planning and execution of the above mentioned areas will help you do just that. You don’t need to do these things only if you are planning to sell your house, but even otherwise you can convert your home in to a cozy space with these extra features. Go ahead, slip in to your mechanic suit and start your home project NOW!

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