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Here I come with an offer to buy your house…Really

I GOT AN OFFER!! That was what I thought, BUT….it’s ironic why there is always a BUT to most things in life. This backend muscle that seems to butt into one’s targets……I got a call from a real estate agent two weeks ago who said she would be shipping over an offer to me on a house I was working on selling. Well, I said that’s good to hear and I repeated to her where to send it to since I have a an individual electronic fax. I recommended for her to buzz my cell before sending it over so I can make sure I get it.

This momentous day moved along with no word and the next day the same thing. Still Nothing…NADA…Zilch….YO!, my fax machine is working good, ya know Mama mia! Que paso! Where is my offer! (sounding a little like Ricky Ricardo there. Lucy! Where aaaare you jk) Ok, I should get into my zen mode…. (breathe slowly). I called the agent back at her office, on her cell phone, her son’s phone (yes, she gave it to me so I was not doing any special detective work to get it, it’s all legal). Still, there was ABSOLUTELY no response. I found that to be rather strange….more like strangling if I might add… So, guess what I did I moved ON!

Well, Ms. Cupcake (see, if I’m annoyed by someone, I like to call them some kind of food) arrives again out of the blue and calls me on my cell phone! Hey, at least I didn’t call her a Double Fudge CocoMocha Minted Strawberry Banana Split Sundae! Ooohhh…. you don’t want to be near me if that ever came out.

So, she called me that afternoon to say she will be sending over an offer. Moi Oui oui, merci beaucoup! (pardon moi…excusi mi French)

Is anybody home Did you fall off the face of the earth during the past two weeks I asked her and she said that she was busy and couldn’t call back earlier. What!

You’ve got to be kidding me! So you are FREE now Would you like tea with your cookie, Ms Cupcake I didn’t tell her that but that was what was going through my mind. I am hoping for this deal to close anyways. I like to be positive about this and so I believe I WILL get that offer! If not, watch out Pinochio, you are in deep @$#%! as Ms. Cupcake may overtake you, her nose is growing faster than yours! So, until we meet again….

I have found it to be irritating when agents promise they will be sending over an offer and it NEVER happens. Have you had this experience before Did it bother you All I want for Christmas and the New Year is you, you, and you (….that is, if you are bringing me an offer on my property )

If you ever find yourself in a situation like the above, from experience, I would say that you just move on and not work with this type of agent. Agents who do not have an idea of professionalism and the importance of following thru on what they say they will do are simply playing games. When they start off a flake, they will continue on as a flake throughout the transaction and you’ll just find yourself banging your head against the wall. In the case of this agent, the transaction never closed out. She continued to give a string of soap opera events-just one right after another like long strings of spaghetti-and so it wasn’t worth my time to play her carrot-in-front-of-the-horse game any longer. In this particular case, it became a rental unit because the homeowner was able to get a cash-flowing income on the home.

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