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Most people buy three homes in a lifetime. They may start with an affordable starter home, and as they start a family, they may invest in a larger home that has more bedrooms, living space and a larger yard near schools they want their children to attend.When those children are grown, homeowners usually downsize, sell and move to a retirement location like Florida and purchase their final retirement home.

What Has ChangedMany young families are choosing to do it different. Many families are deciding when their parents retire to Florida they want to move there young families here as well. They are purchasing homes that meet a families needs, and finding housing in the South more affordable than the North.They are enjoying all that Central Florida has to offer; great weather, many local and state parks, vacation destinations, business for employment, golf and sports recreation areas, cultural events, great schooling, and historical locations to visit and learn about.The Orlando area offers great transportation options with the cost of fuel on everyone’s minds with options of buses (some are green friendly) and high-speed trains.

Why Choose Central FloridaCentral Florida is the number one vacation destination in the world, and when you are on vacation, you always imagine what it would be like to live there all the time while enjoying the weather and lifestyle.Central Florida is growing with both businesses and communities relocating to the area, because it is much more affordable than some other areas of Florida.Because it is the number one vacation destination, extra effort has gone into providing security for people from terrorist activities. Many new advances in security are seen first here in Orlando over any other cities in the US. The city is well prepared for these types of problems, as well as natural disasters. At a moments notice, when activated, the city turns into a destination for all as a safe haven from hurricanes and other disastrous storms This state’s preparedness is to be marveled, and it’s residents to be commended for their preparedness, understanding, and instinct in a bad situation.I also found the accessibility in Florida amazing, while everything is also handicapped accessible.

Even the beaches offer special chairs for use for the handicapped to enjoy themselves.I found it funny at first, but, have come to love how, at stores; workers help you to your car with groceries and return the cart for you.Orlando is centrally located in Florida and makes for great weekend trips to Miami, Key West, the Gulf, or Panhandle commonplace. If you hanker for those changing leaves, a weekend jaunt to Georgia in the fall will do the trick!One thing nobody tells you when you move here, everyone come to visit you! They all love Florida as well and family and friends love to make the trip to visit.With beaches just over an hour away in any direction, it makes the Orlando area the best choice to have it all.Advantages To Buying In Florida You can take advantage of homestead exemption for your primary Florida residence, which will reduce your taxes, and when you are of retirement age, they give an additional reduction as well.With weather nice for over two thirds of the year, you can enjoy open windows, nice breezes, and lowered utilities cost.

If you are in, or retired military, we have some of the finest VA clinics and VA Hospitals, while many businesses offer discounts to veterans as well.The state offers bright futures grants to high school students who earn good grades, community service hours and good test scores.In part one we discussed why people are moving to central Florida, and what Florida has to offer. In part two, I like to discuss housing and the Florida lifestyle.Housing Choices With recent option, arm loans defaulting Florida, like many other states, have found they have many homes in default.

This offers buyers a chance to purchase homes that are foreclosed.This may allow you to actually purchase more for less when moving from the North. For families this is very attractive.They often can afford a larger home and stay in the same or less payment then they paid up North with all the benefits of central Florida lifestyle.Central Florida has homes for all lifestyles and price ranges from modest to luxury homes. Some of the most beautiful luxury homes are found in the Orlando area. Whether it is a condominium, villa, or luxury home, this area has it all.

Many homes are handicapped accessible and offer a great choice for an aging population.Make sure to include in your home selection a nice outdoor area, as this will be an important area you will find you spend all the seasons enjoying. Many homes offer wonderful verandas and outdoor living areas to include outdoor kitchens and seating areas with fire pits as well as screened pools.The Good Life- Central Florida I moved to Florida from the North in my late twenties, and now I can appreciate the lifestyle- change moving to Florida has done for me.

It seemed in the North I spent many hours on the road each day in traffic waiting to get to jobs that were hours away.Everyone was hustling, bustling, and not seeming to take time to enjoy life. The winters were long and dreary, and summers were often congested at local beaches and swimming areas. The pollution grew worse year by year.When I moved to Florida I notice it right away I actually saw sunrises, sunsets, and much, much less pollution.It was green all year round with no more dreary winter months, and the sky was so blue! Everyone’s seemed to move at a much more relax pace, people were friendlier, and people took time to enjoy the parks and beaches.The thing I notice most was everyone out walking, and bike riding in droves from all ages. Many retirees enjoy the young families and become a sort of extended family.It is a much more casual lifestyle. While certain businesses dress in suits, most are not, and it is nice to dress for a casual environment.I notice the restaurants and stores offer many healthier choices, and people taking advantage of this! There are many unique stores that cater to tourist and outlet malls, as these can be a great benefit when looking to purchase items.

The other thing I noticed is how polite people were from the South with yes ma’am and thank you and everyone offering assistance.Having fruit trees in your yard is another great advantage in Florida, and when I first bought my home, I added 10 fruit trees with the goal to have fruit salad everyday!When relatives come from the North, they love to pick the fruit as well. Most all the homes have fruit trees, and if not, add some, and in short time you will have more fruit than you know what to do with.

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