December 22, 2016


We are a graphic design + web design + web development + application development agency, supporting numerous causes such as the World Donation Scheme and catering to a worldwide audience. We specialize in four areas of design and we take pride in the very high quality standards which we impose on ourselves. We are all for client satisfaction. If the client is not pleased with our design, or wants to change any part of it, then we go back to the drawing board.

This penchant for chasing design perfection is what drives our team to do our best for every single project we engage ourselves in. This is also what shot us up the rankings in web search engines as our acclaim grew leaps and bounds literally overnight. After that, an influx of clients wanting to avail of our service flooded our inbox, that we had to hire new designers to keep up with the demand.

iMediaBuilders is proud to have worked with many clients over the years, including:

We are also a happiness company. We promote happiness. We breathe happiness. We eat happiness for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You get the picture yet? It is our belief that spreading happiness will have a positive effect on our team, and will cascade down to when we deal with our clients. It’s a win-win!